Sarah's Story

Anna was born with a liver disease called Biliary Atresia. Baby's are born with this disease and there is no known cause or cure. Biliary Atresia causes the liver's bile ducts to be blocked, so bile (waste) would back up into the liver, causing liver damage. One in every 20 thousand babies are affected by this disease. There is a surgery called the Kasia that is done when this disease is caught early enough. The surgeon connects the small intestine to the liver to help train bile. Anna had this procedure and it worked for a little while. At 4 months of age she developed cholingitis (a liver infection) and four weeks later she was listed, because the infection would not clear up with the antibiotics. I knew that Anna and I had the same blood type, so I opted to be her donor. I went through 6 hours of testing and found to be a match. The doctors told me to think about it before making a final decision, but what was there to think about? If I could do this for my baby there wasn't anything to think about. Anna was transplanted at 5 months of age, now at 3 years old she is a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl. I don't know what would of happened if we had to wait for a cadivaric donor. We are very fortunate that Anna was able to get her liver when she needed it, but other families are not so fortunate. If we would have had to wait, I would hope that families who have to make the choice to give there loved ones organs,should strongly consider it. Many lives, may it be children, or adults, could go on and live a wonderful life because of your choice!