Transplant surgery often requires the use of not only red blood cells, but plasma and platelets as well. As organ transplantation becomes increasingly common and complex, the demand on our nation's blood supply to support these surgeries have grown.

Facts About Blood Donation

  • The shelf life of blood is very limited and can not be stockpiled, so there is always a constant need for fresh donations.
  • Each pint of blood donated has the potential to save up to three patients' lives.
  • Only 5 percent of Americans give blood.
  • To give blood, you have to be at least 110 pounds and 16 or 17 years old depending on your state.
  • You are able to give whole blood every 8 weeks.

Facts About Platelet Donation

  • Platelets are the tiny, precious cell fragments that clump together to help stop bleeding.
  • Platelets can be donated through a process called apheresis that separates platelets from your blood and then returns the blood to your body.
  • Platelets are used to help patients who suffer with cancer, leukemia, and other blood disorders. Platelets are detroyed during chemotherapy and radiation therapy, so patients undergoing these treatments depend on platelet transfusions to live.

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